Best Web Analytics tool just may be a 3 question Survey

Best analytics tool just might be a survey

Best analytics tool just might be a survey

Even before I co-founded WorkBuddy with my partner in business and life, Sherri Belk – I was consumed in research regarding technology and marketing on the web. Web design intrigued me, but the concepts surrounding SEO, inbound marketing, and developing rich content for my site really pulled me in. And for good reason – they provide results. Now post-launch of WorkBuddy, I find myself an even more voracious consumer of research articles, ebooks, and commentary on these subjects – which is to the benefit our my clients, but not to the benefit of my sleep patterns. So when an article brings me pause and causes me to stop and reflect on my own business – I know I have found a gem. That’s how it was with a  post by Avinash Kaushik regarding the “Three Greatest Survey Questions ever.”

The original inquiry that spawned these questions was “Which analytical tool do your recommend, because we want to improve our website and increase sales?” – a pretty common goal for all our clients. In this case the answer was “Don’t implement a web analytics tool, implement a short website survey with only three questions…”  You see, this Fortune 100 company was heading toward their peak selling season and needed answers fast. When you need a “down and dirty” answer fast, and don’t have tools or historical data to lead you – maybe the best plan is to JUST ASK YOUR CUSTOMER. You just might get BETTER insights, and in break-neck speed. Web Analytics should not be ignored, and should play a key role in any SEO strategy as they provide real data without emotion. But if you need information fast – go directly to the source and ASK your customer.

So, What do we ask? Here are the 3 questions that Avinash concluded would yield the greatest return:

1. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?

While this question can be framed in many ways, the point is – understanding the WHY. Very few of our clients really understand WHY people are visiting their website. The answers may surprise you. But if you listen  to them, you might just be able to quickly adopt these responses into how you serve up your website.

2. Were you able to complete your task today?

Wow – Such a simple question. But it reveals so much. It allows the end-user of your website to supply direct feedback on the effectiveness of your website in assisting them to complete their mission while on your site. If you are a fan of conversation rates and revenue – you have to pay attention to this one. It doesn’t matter what OUR perception is, of our newly re-designed website – here the customer tells us in THEIR OWN VOICE  how well our web design is performing and providing the necessary user experience .

3. If you were not able to complete your task today, why not?

Or framed another way – “How can we improve your experience to ensure quick and easy completion of your task?”

Don’t constrain your consumer’s voice by providing a drop down or radio button with options like : Improved Navigation, More product information, and Better search. Provide  your visitor the ability to speak to you, in their own voice, telling you their frustrations and suggestions. It will give you direct feedback and not leave you guessing. Analyze  these responses by categorizing them into “buckets” or themes, then assign a rating based on the % of time each theme occurs. Then take a moment and listen – this is the most direct feedback you will ever receive and right from the person who means the most – your consumer.

Developing a customer-centric marketing strategy will be your key to great success. These simple questions, if analyzed and listened to, will provide you with the insights necessary to develop and implement a meaningful user experience.

Adding a survey to your website is an easy task and should be part of your INBOUND MARKETING STRATEGY.

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